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  • Henry Falade

    Henry Falade

    A programmer and web tech enthusiast! Love Angular & Laravel.

  • Adel Jaffan

    Adel Jaffan

  • Bashar Kokash

    Bashar Kokash

    Product management, R&D, and Technology. I’m an engineer and coder at heart. I like chess, and Rubik’s Cube is my stress ball.

  • Lane Wagner

    Lane Wagner

    I love Go and Rust, and I like JavaScript and Python. I’m indiehacking on http://qvault.io when my daughter isn’t crying.

  • Jitkasem Pintaya

    Jitkasem Pintaya

  • Esraa Al Dirani

    Esraa Al Dirani

  • Rohan Bhale

    Rohan Bhale

    iOS Application Developer

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